Sunday, October 6, 2013

Katsu dinner at JR Akihabara Station

I woke up quite early for my flight to Narita and ended up taking only a mug of cereal drink for the morning. This usually gets me through the entire morning but that's when I drink the high fiber concoction at around 5:30 AM and not before 4:00 AM. There was an inflight meal served late in the middle of our voyage but as always the choices in economy class was limited and I only had few bites to fill the stomach en route to Japan. 

I was planning to have a snack or light lunch at Narita but then both our departure from NAIA and our arrival was also delayed. The odds were really against me from having a decent meal at the airport when for some reason I encountered a long queue at the immigration area that took something like 30 minutes before I got to finally claimed my luggage. By the time I came out, there were only 25 minutes for me to change currencies, buy a limousine bus ticket and head to the bus stop to catch my ride to Tokyo.

And so after putting down my bags in my hotel room, I decided to go out and get reacquainted with the trains in Tokyo and perhaps have my meal of the day somewhere. I opted to check the likely route I would be taking to go to Yokohama later this week using the Namboku Line of the Tokyo Metro and then transferring to the JR Yamanote Line at a station I am quite familiar with - Meguro. To cut a long story short, of which I will be relating in more detail in a near future post, I ended up having dinner at the JR Akihabara Station. 

I found this Tokyo Food Bar right inside the station after entering the turnstiles from the Electric Town exit. Given the variety of food, and may I say comfort food, available as seen in the menu outside the bar, I went for the rosu katu set at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin. The katsu was perfect and definitely something a regular commuter passing through Akihabara can probably eat every day. Itadakimasu!

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin
The most popular meals are on display and prospective customers can't miss the sets offered.
Rosu katsu set for 650 JPY (about 287 PHP)
Perfectly breaded and fried with a generous serving of shredded cabbage on the side
Tokyo Food Bar just inside the JR Akihabara Station - perfect for the hungry commuter!


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