Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sto. Domingo Church

I don't know what came over me one time I passed by the area en route to a snack at the Cafe Dominic located in the same compound. I guess I just wanted to go inside to have some quiet time and perhaps to say a few prayers and do some silent reflection by myself. Sto. Domingo church is huge and it is usually full during Sundays. However, during weekdays there are usually less people and the cavernous church presents one with an opportunity to commune with the Almighty. At the time I was there, I chanced upon a Mass just starting at the smaller altar at the side of the main one. And so I decided to hear Mass before I proceeded to get my snack. After the Mass, I took a few photos inside the church.

Dome atop the main altar
Main altar and dome of the Sto. Domingo Church
Daily Low Masses are celebrated at a smaller altar at the side of the main one and which shows the image of Our Lady of La Naval. La Naval is in reference to the naval victory of the Spanish Armada against a Dutch invading fleet in Manila Bay during the Spanish Period.
Another view of the main altar
Stained glass windows at Sto. Domingo
Sto. Domingo is a newer structure compared to the churches that were destroyed or severely damaged in the earthquake that struck Bohol and Cebu a couple of weeks ago. The structure was also nice (aesthetically speaking) especially the stained glass windows that gave character to the cavernous interior. This was more a modern design though and didn't have the old world feel of the heritage churches in the Visayas and other provinces in the Philippines.

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