Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chocolate review: Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium

We still have a few bars left from the package given to us by our good friends the last time the Clairvoyant was in London. We decided to open one last February and I keep forgetting posting something about this bar, which we thought was definitely exquisite. Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium is quite enjoyable as its bitterness was tempered by the orange and geranium bits in the bar. We like orange with our chocolate and have tasted bars with other types of citrus like the calamansi in an local artisan brand. We thought that Montezuma's was among the best if not the best we've tasted though I couldn't really single out the geranium parts from the orange due to their smooth blending with the chocolate.

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Orange & Geranium is billed as "organic" and an "innovative British chocolate."

It's packaging indicates 73% minimum cocoa so it is more on the bitter side than the typical dark chocolates you can buy in supermarkets that contain anywhere from 25% to 56% cocoa.


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