Thursday, April 17, 2014

Morning drinks - Macalauan Pure & Best Lactose Free Chocolate Milk Drink

At the supermarket one evening before I went home, I found some interesting choices for milk as I picked up a few packs of Yakult. There are products by Nestle and soy milk products by various manufacturers. But the ones that caught my attention were the cartons of various products with the brand Pure & Best.

Pure & Best Milk's Lactose Free Chocolate Milk Drink is made by Macalauan, a local company based in Calauan, Laguna. The town became known for its infamous mayor a couple of decades ago and its nice to know that they have this company and likely others like it that are making a name for themselves for their good products. The milk is touted as farm fresh and is ultra pasteurized. The chocolate milk is creamy and definitely very satisfying. It is perfect as a morning drink for breakfast and reminded us of a chocolate milk drink we enjoyed when we were kids - Choco Vim, which I think preceded the Magnolia Chocolait that's probably more familiar to a lot of people today.

Macalauan Pure & Best Lactose Free Chocolate Milk Drink
We usually get the lactose free milk as the wife is lactose intolerant. Those that did have lactose are similarly good and a few times I had bought the regular chocolate milk, which tasted good as well. I found that the supermarket I bought the chocolate milk from only had limited supply (i.e., a few cartons of each variant) every time and often I couldn't get the lactose free products. The supermarket probably thought that they couldn't have too many in their inventory as these products didn't have long shelf lives and they are more expensive than the products of larger companies. These are also not generally available from other supermarkets so I just time my doing the groceries so I can pick up a carton or two.

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