Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dinner out in Tokyo

On our first night in Tokyo last February, our group had dinner out upon the invitation of one of our hosts. Though hungry, we really didn't want to eat heavy but wanted a good meal together with a good drink. It was a cold night and everyone was still adjusting to the temperature even with our winter clothing so we wanted to have a hot meal to warm ourselves from the inside. Fortunately, there was a nearby building that hosted a number of restaurants and shops that was open where we could have our dinner. Torafuku is located in between our hotel and the office of our hosts. It was indoors so we didn't need to have our coats on while dining and exchanging stories.

I am no longer the "drinker" I used to be when I was a student in Japan so I was delighted to see Kirin Free, which had zero alcohol. The taste of beer without the kick of alcohol is something my friends would have enjoyed during our time in Japan.
The salad was interesting with sprouts, cabbage and what looked like fish jelly
Kaki furai
Chicken karaage
Eggs and radish on the side
Horenzo (spinach) with fried tofu strips and fries (small fish - dulong in the Philippines)
Grilled salmon
Rice is cooked using these special steamers
The kitchen is open for viewing by diners
Sake and shochu bottles lined up as part of the restaurant display
Reception area of the restaurant


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