Sunday, April 27, 2014

Healthy meals

During the Holy Week, we decided to cut down meat and eat vegetables and fruit instead. I will not claim this to be "sacrificial" in keeping with the Lenten Season because in truth, we really do enjoy eating light meals consisting of greens, fruits and perhaps some bread. The salad usually consisted of romaine lettuce, arugula and fruits. I like apples as they are perfect with the arugula. If we had mangoes, we also mix them up with the greens. At times we have dried fruit like apricots, figs and cranberries. For variety, we also include walnuts or almonds. We like the candied walnuts we found at a restaurant in Tagaytay. These make the salads more enjoyable while maintaining the nutritional value of the meal.

Fresh greens, fruits and walnut wheat bun

Romaine lettuce, arugula and apples with vinaigrette


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