Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Early bird breakfast

The wife was raving about a small restaurant at The Fort Strip at Bonifacio Global City. One time that I took her to her office at BGC, we were too early and had to wait some time for the restaurant to open so we ended up in another restaurant so I wouldn't be late for my appointment. A couple of weeks ago, we finally had the chance to have breakfast together there and I'd say the food is real good and worth the wait. 

Arriving just before the restaurant opened, we noticed a big group of what appeared to be BPO workers who came out of the shift at the nearby parking lot. We thought they were probably just hanging out before they went their separate ways to their homes. But as soon as the restaurant opened, the big group flocked to the restaurant and immediately occupied a few tables. Fortunately for us, we were quite early and we easily got a table as there were only 2 of us. Other couples who followed also were also able to get table but subsequent groups already had to wait it out or had to be seated in separate tables.

The menu is designed like a news paper that's complete with articles aside from the food and drinks that you can order. The way they presented their menu reminded me of a restaurant in San Francisco, CA where the menu changed everyday and they printed out the menu for the day like it was a newspaper.
I suddenly remembered a trip with a foreign consultant where we opted to have noodles instead of the other foods available at a turo-turo at Batangas Port. He kiddingly referred to it as the "Breakfast of Champions."
Chorizo and mushroom risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano on top
Their version of the classic tapsilog - tenderloin tapa, fried rice and egg

Breakfasts at Early Bird is definitely worth waking up early for although they don't open as early as the proverbial early bird. That's good if you're working at the BGC but not if you're still headed to Makati or elsewhere afterwards. Price-wise, I think it's not for everyone (especially for those on a budget) as breakfast for one can easily set you back 500 pesos as compared with say breakfast at a fast-food restaurant. That amount though has value for money as the servings are just right and the food is really good. I will definitely be back and I say "I" because the wife works at BGC and could have a meal there with her colleagues whenever they could.


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