Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ramen or something like it

It's been raining the past few days and I proposed we try come up with dinner that's suitable (bagay) with the cool evenings we've had at our home in the mountain. I remember buying imported instant ramen from Japan. It was supposed to be tonkotsu ramen and though a bit more expensive than the Lucky Me's and Nissin's that are readily available in most supermarkets and groceries (even sari-sari stores), I knew from experience that imported noodle packs had more servings or quantity per pack compared with the less expensive local noodles. As we were not able to get the exact ingredients required for something that could pass off for ramen, we decided to check our stocks for items that would allow our dinner to at least resemble the ramen we do enjoy from restaurants. Our bottom-line was to come up with something good to eat while also getting nutritional meal. And voila! The outcome of our ramen experiment is pictured below.

The soup base is from instant tonkotsu ramen from Japan. We decided to customise our concoction with romaine lettuce and carrots. We didn't have pork so we also decided to substitute with the remaining tenderloin beef cubes in the freezer. We ran out of shiitake mushrooms but thought it would have been better with these the next time.
The bowls we used for the first time were from our recent explorations around Antipolo that took us to The Crescent Moon Cafe. There were surplus bowls from various clients of their pottery shop there for sale (by the kilogram!) and we selected a few pieces for times like these when the weather's just perfect for having hot ramen. The chopsticks are part of many that we have and actually use when we eat Japanese food at home.

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