Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chocolate review: Valrhona - Grands Crus, discovering a world of taste

The Clairvoyant chanced upon boxes of four bars of our favorite Valrhona chocolates during one of her travels abroad. I won't be describing each chocolate anymore as I have written about these in past articles.

Talk about chocolate overload!

Alpaco, Tainori, Caraibe and Manjari all in one pack
Information on each chocolate bar at the back of the package
Inside the box, there are colourful descriptions of each chocolate bar.
Close-up of the "jackets" holding Caraibe (roasted nuts) and Manjari (red fruits) chocolate bars. You can just slide one through one end.
Alpaco (white flowers) and Tainori (yellow fruits) chocolates with their respective descriptions.


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