Monday, June 30, 2014

Balai Pandesal

There is a pandesalan along Commonwealth Avenue in the Fairview district that's been highly recommended by friends residing in the area. Their pandesal is not marketed as "pugon" pandesal, referring to the earthen ovens that use wood as fuel for the fires. However, their pandesal is very tasty and one will surely remark that eating it doesn't require palaman. Since we are usually travel to Novaliches to lunch with my in-laws on Sundays, we quickly became regulars of Balai Pandesal. They also have other bread products like bread loafs, ensaymada (pastry usually topped with cheese or margarine and sugar) and pan de coco (buns with coconut filling). I like their "kalihim" that is basically a roll with a sweet red, blue or mixed sweet filling. These are perfect for merienda with whatever drink on the side.

Balai Pandesal is located along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City in the Fairview area.
Also popular at Balai Pandesal are their toasted siopaos. My father-in-law tells us that toasted siopao is very popular in Bicol and that they enjoyed these during their childhood years back in Naga City. I've seen some shops sprouting around Antipolo selling these toasted siopao claiming theirs to be "Bicol's Best." I have tasted a couple of their asado but I think Balai Pandesal's version is tastier.

Their toasted siopao is good and you have a choice of bola-bola or asado just like the conventional siopao.
So whenever you happen to be in the Fairview area and traveling along Commonwealth Avenue, be sure to try out Balai Pandesal. It's along the northbound side of Commonwealth and right after the Mercury Drug branch across from Puregold. You won't regret it!

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