Monday, June 2, 2014


I had just written about taho being part of the breakfast buffet at a business hotel at Bonifacio Global City. I mentioned that I have never seen any other local hotel serving taho and would like to see this as part of giving guests the Philippine food experience. And so it came as a surprise that I spotted a man dressed (in Filipiniana) as a taho vendor at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel's renowned Spiral! The "vendor" carried with him the two containers balanced on a bamboo pole that held the taho (tofu), sago (tapioca pearls), and arnibal (vanilla-flavored caramelised sugar syrup). The wife and I were laughing with delight as we noted that foreign visitors would be curious as to what this guy was up to as he almost hesitatingly shouted (yes he did) "taho!" as he went around Spiral for whoever wanted taho

Taho vendor complete with paraphernalia roaming Sofitel's Spiral to oblige anyone wanting to enjoy a serving (or more) of this local favourite.

A serving of taho is always delightful in the mornings and evokes happy memories during my childhood
The wife was saying she saw one woman in a nearby table order taho for her and her children but the tweeners waved their cups off while making faces indicating they didn't want any. I pity the children for not even wanting to taste taho and perhaps thinking this was some sort of dirty concoction. I would like to think of taho as part of our heritage, being part of the typical street food we enjoyed for decades if not more than a century now. It is something we should be proud of, and especially as part of a "sosyal" breakfast buffet. Great job Sofitel!

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