Saturday, June 14, 2014

Katsu Japanese Grill at The Fort Strip

Parking at The Fort Strip last week, I noticed that a restaurant we had wanted to check out was open and so I asked the Clairvoyant to have dinner out instead. I was fetching her from her office that evening as she arrived from her out-of-town workshop and coming to Bonifacio Global City I  already saw the monstrous traffic jam along the direction home. We always thought it was best to have dinner out before embarking on our trip home so we won't have to suffer hunger should we be trapped in a jam.

Katsu is a nice restaurant at The Fort Strip along the driveway of the open parking lot facing 26th Street. I usually parked in this area whenever I have meetings in the nearby buildings so the establishments here are quite familiar to me. There are many restaurants at BGC offering really good Japanese food (ramen, katsu, barbecue, yakitori, etc.) so we just had to check it out also for future reference when we take family or friends out to lunch or dinner.

The maguro sashimi was very good and we noted that it looked and tasted like they were really careful with the preparation. Sushi in other restaurants aren't as fresh and in some were obviously defrosted a few minutes before they were served (may ice pa!).
Goma for grinding before we mixed with the katsu sauce.
A generous serving of rosu katsu with the salad on the side and a cup of rice for a complete meal. The katsu's breading and frying was perfect and the meat wasn't too fatty for a rosu.
Katsu provided us with a good dining experience mainly because of the well prepared, high quality food that we ate there. I am not a food blogger so I'm giving it straight - Katsu is the real deal! Good food and with prices that won't hurt your wallet so there's value for money. The service is also good as the staff are attentive and kind. I hope they do well in the very competitive restaurant market at BGC and The Fort Strip. There's always room for a good katsu restaurant in this rapidly expanding CBD.

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