Monday, June 9, 2014

Chocolate review: Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate

We have heard and read about Malagos chocolate and wondered where we can get get their single origin 65% dark chocolate from cacao grown in Davao. The first time I read about the chocolate was online and there was a list of stores where you could purchase a bar or more of the chocolate. None of the stores were near my office so I couldn't buy a bar and we couldn't sample this chocolate that we have been curious about for some time.

Fortunately, the wife had to get some pasalubong (souvenirs) that she could give out some to friends when she met them in a conference she attended last May. While looking for the good quality dried mangoes and some handicrafts, she chanced upon a store selling Malagos chocolate at Bonifacio Global City. Remembering that this was the chocolate we read about, she got a couple of bars that we could enjoy and another few bars that she could give away to friends.

Malagos single origin dark chocolate has 65% cacao. 

More information on the chocolate is at the back of the box.
Though I may appear biased, I would say that Malagos chocolate is the real deal when it comes to dark chocolate. We were pleasantly surprised on its smoothness. There is the hint of bitterness there that is usually associated with dark chocolates. This bitter taste can be overwhelming in other chocolates that are branded dark with at least 50% cacao (those with less than 50% are usually sweet and may not even have a hint of bitter in them). Malagos is definitely a refined chocolate and something you will be proud to give away to chocolate loving friends; especially those who are more picky about their chocolates. It is a chocolate bar you can give away to friends from other countries including (dare I say) those with excellent chocolates like the Belgians and Swiss. I hope the makers come up with other variants of their chocolate including something with higher cacao content. 

The price of a bar at the shop where my wife purchased the chocolate is 180 PhP. That's about the same price as the Chocolat Stella and Emergency chocolate bars I've written about recently. I think the price is relatively inexpensive for a high quality chocolate like Malagos and this is definitely value for money as I again dare say that the taste is right there with the Varhona's that I've also written about but are more on the expensive side.


Jennifer Puentespina said...

Thankful for this review. We're inspired to do better and so much more:-). - Jen of Malagos Chocolate

Doctrine said...

You are very welcome! We travel a lot and everywhere there seems to be a chocolate or chocolates "representing" the city or country. Malagos chocolates could be that for Davao and the country as well!