Sunday, June 15, 2014

Salcedo weekend market

It's been quite some time now since I were at a weekend market in Makati. I couldn't even remember the last time so it must be about a decade ago that we were both at either the Salcedo or Legazpi weekend markets. Last weekend though we thought about going there as we took a friend of the wife's from Singapore for breakfast. The original idea was to take him for breakfast at a restaurant in Greenbelt but then I proposed we go instead to Salcedo market given the good weather that morning and so our guest could have an experience of outdoors in Manila instead of going to a mall. Salcedo market was a winner and we ended up having Cebu lechon, chicken adobo and fried lumpia that we washed down with fresh fruit shakes (watermelon and mango). This was basically brunch and no longer breakfast but we all enjoyed the meal and I'm sure our guest also had a good experience.

All kinds of barbecues are available at the different stalls so there's beef, pork, chicken or seafood and whatever else you can or want to barbecue.
Another stall had grilled catfish and rellenong bangus (milkfish). Staff at the different stalls were dressed up for the Philippines' Independence Day last June 12.
We thought it was just impossible to enjoy the food from all the stalls. There's a lot of international food here as many expats and other foreigners have stalls featuring food from their countries. I think the Salcedo and Legazpi markets are perfect for those wanting a taste of authentic dishes and other treats from all over the world.

We promised to ourselves that we will be back for more so we are already looking forward to going to any of the weekend markets soon.

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