Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hotel taho

It wasn't something that I didn't expect for a buffet breakfast at a quality business hotel at a bustling business district in Taguig. Hotels like these don't usually serve taho or other local delicacies on the breakfast buffet (the "silog" combinations don't count as these seem to be staples of hotel breakfasts in the country). So I was pleasantly surprised to see this "native" breakfast item on the table. Taho is  soft soy bean curd with caramelised sugar that's usually flavoured with vanilla (arnibal) and taro pearls (sago). It is supposed to have been imparted to us by the Japanese but honestly, I haven't seen this in Japan despite all the tofu I have had in meals there.

A cup of taho to help start the day
I think more hotels should serve taho and other local food including different rice cakes (kakanin). Quality control should't be an issue here as the hotels themselves can make these or outsource from reputable makers. 

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