Monday, May 5, 2014

Chocolate review: Emergency Chocolate

The other bar that we bought one Sunday at the mall last March was aptly branded Emergency Chocolate by its maker Bloomsberry & Co. Basically, I can say that the chocolate itself is good enough by its being branded Emergency Chocolate. It certainly is satisfying and better than your average dark chocolate of similar cocoa content being smooth and with the bitterness just right for those wanting to have dark chocolate but are not fond of the more bitter variety (e.g., > 70% cacao).

The box screamed "emergency" and certainly got my attention when I was trying to pick out a couple of bars to sample. 
Detailed information including nutrition data are provided at the back of the box
Inside the box you will find the main packaging indicating the chocolate to be dark and containing 55% cocoa
Not much info on the back of the wrapper except contact information of the manufacturer
Emergency chocolate is a bit more expensive than your average chocolate at 190 PHP (about 4.25 USD) for its 100 grams (Meiji Black 50g is only about 45 PHP or about 1 USD). I'm not really sure if you can classify it as exotic like the single source types you'll find in specialty or higher end stores. It certainly is not marketed as such based on the label so perhaps the price leans toward unreasonable for a chocolate that's not in the league of the Valrhona's but then checking the retail price for the latter brand's bars at the Duty Free shops at the airport reveal that Emergency Chocolate is quite reasonable. Valrhona's cost 7.10 USD (about 315.25 PHP) for a 70g bar. And a quick check on the internet shows that Amazon's, for example, sells Emergency Chocolate for 4.99 USD per 100g bar so in the end, its good value for money. Get one in case of emergency! :)

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