Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home made mango sorbet

We did not expect to have so many mangoes from our tree considering it looked depressed when we moved in to our new home last March. We are actually overwhelmed with the blessings from the tree, which we call an ent - borrowing from the term used for "tree herder" in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Last week, our kasambahay experimented on making ice cream using the mangoes. The initial version was a bit sour as some of the not so ripe fruits dominated the ingredients. Last weekend though, they had a breakthrough by adding more milk and some sugar to finally come up with real good home made ice cream. It didn't have the typical ingredients from the leading commercial brands or those found in typical sorbetes you can buy from the roaming carts but I can vouch for it being rich in taste and having all natural ingredients. The Clairvoyant was impressed with the concoction and we'll definitely work on improving the consistency of the sorbet. We already look forward to the next mango harvest!

Home made mango sorbet from the fruits of our tree.


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