Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chocolate review: KitKat wasabi

One thing going for Nestle's KitKat in Japan is the fact that there is a market for some unique variants of these very popular chocolate-covered wafer sticks. Prior to my more recent trips to Japan this year and last year, I had seen this trend with KitKat as I enjoyed their Orange and Sakura flavors back in 2008. These were very popular in Japan and their being sold only there eventually made them a sensation elsewhere as these became favorite souvenirs from trips to Japan. More recently, the rave seems to be with the Green Tea Kitkats (macha), which to the uninitiated may seem like a weird flavor until you get your first bite and you realize it will be easy to get hooked on this.

Last year, I picked up a box of Wasabi-flavored mini KitKats at a grocery store near our hotel. I was curious about this new flavor that to me is right up there with Chili, Bitter Gourd and other not so usual flavors for chocolate and other stuff. Though it retained the white chocolate taste that, I must admit, blended well with the kick of wasabi, I still found it unusual for my taste. And so I ended up giving away the rest.

The box of wasabi KitKats contained 12 pieces of mini wafers
I bought this out of curiosity while browsing the shelves of a small grocery in Tokyo so there is no sticker bearing English translation the information at the back of the box


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