Friday, May 9, 2014

Chocolate review: Chocolat Stella Cremant Orange

We love the combination of chocolate and orange and try to look for good dark chocolate with orange whenever we are traveling. We already know what are usually available in the supermarket shelves so there's no excitement to that anymore. We do check from time to time if there's something new so we can pick up a bar or two to tide us by whenever we wanted to eat chocolate.

I first discovered Chocolat Stella bars at a Santi's branch at the Paseo Sta. Rosa while en route to Tagaytay. I got one bar each of what was available then but none had orange in them. I was pleasantly surprised to find Chocolat Stella bars along with Valrhonas at NAIA's Terminal 2 while waiting for my boarding call for a flight to Narita last February and among these was Cremant Orange. The description on the label stated that it was bittersweet chocolate with candied orange peel. "Bittersweet" usually means its the dark variety and not milk chocolate. 

Bittersweet chocolate with candied orange peel
The information on the label 41% cacao
Cremant Orange is a bit on the sweeter side rather than on the bitter. Its 41% cacao is higher than the regular dark chocolates but perhaps the candied orange peel gives it the distinct sweetness. I think though the chocolate is definitely enjoyable some might find it too sweet for a dark chocolate and unlike the bitter variety expected for a bar that's supposed to be dark. 

At 3.30 USD (about 145.25 PHP) per 100g bar, it has value for money for good quality chocolates available here. It compares with the prices of the other bars I've written about in this blog and so we'll definitely be getting these bars at least once in a while whenever they're available.

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