Friday, March 7, 2014

Chocolate review: Jcoco black fig pistachio in dark chocolate

We were at a huge mall near my in-laws' home last Sunday as we decided to have lunch out one Sunday. Walking to a store after lunch to check out some items, I decided to browse a chocolate stall to see if they have some interesting dark chocolates apart from the usual ones we could buy from the supermarket. I found a couple of bars that looked interesting based on both packaging and descriptions and decided to purchase the two. Here's the first one we sampled later at home.

Jcoco's black fig pistachio in dark chocolate in solid purple is definitely packaged to catch attention
Description of the product (what to expect?) and ingredients at the back of the pack.
A pleasant surprise to find the chocolate wrapped individually and with curious images for each. The inside of the package also provides a brief write-up on the advocacy of the manufacturer.
Each small bar also had information about the chocolate at the back.
The packaging of the small bars appear as if the chocolates came out of a fashion mag. The wife found these quite amusing.

The chocolate is described as having 44% cocoa. We think it was just right in terms of the flavor and was perfect with the other major ingredient, which was black fig pistachio. I haven't had black fig pistachio before so I really didn't know how it would taste but I think the mix went well enough. The price is also just right at about 100PhP for the 3 bars inside the package. It's a steal for those who want to enjoy good quality dark chocolate. It's available at the Cacao stalls at SM malls.

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