Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obento - lunchbox

I always look forward to lunch whenever I am in Japan not because I get hungry quickly but mainly because there is this feeling of expectation or anticipation. This feeling is for not knowing where lunch will be. Would it be at the shokudo (canteen)? At a small neighborhood restaurant? A food court? Or perhaps there will be obento or lunchbox so we could eat together on what we term as a working lunch? In our last steering committee meeting, our hosts ordered special obento for us and you have to admire the fact that with the way the lunch box is presented you would already expect a good meal.

Our bento box comes wrapped in special paper
It includes chopsticks, toothpick and a disposable wet towel
Inside is a lunch treat that I only experience whenever I am in Japan
Needless to say but we all had a great lunch with some variations to other bento as our hosts had to make sure there were food that can be regarded as halal by some of our colleagues.

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