Saturday, March 22, 2014

On trees and new routines

We have a full grown mango tree on the lot of our new home in Antipolo. It is an old tree, and from the looks of it when we first saw the lot in late 2012, it had experienced a lot with evidence of some branches lost, likely due to inclement weather than other causes. We first thought about cutting the tree but decided to integrate it in the design of our home. That was the right thing to do and there was enough space to work with so we had the architect design our home with this tree and a younger but already tall narra tree at one corner of our land. However, the smaller and apparently younger trees in the area had to go as they were in the middle of the lot. One large ipil-ipil tree could not be saved as it was right smack in the middle of the lot.

The old mango tree in front of our home
Hantik - large ants inhabiting our tree
The only hitch about the mango tree was that it shed its leaves and fruits at certain times of the year. This meant a lot of sweeping and sometime dodging (falling fruits and branches).

After pouring a bottle of water that we got as a souvenir from the spring at Dauis Church in Bohol, it seems the tree has been invigorated. We look at it and it is suddenly alive, resuscitated perhaps by the water, or more likely the lives it now shares a home with. Our dogs Troy and Barbi like going around the tree and do their thing near it where we have collected many of the fallen leaves to fertilize the soil. They also like the tree as it provides us with a cooler environment. Soon, we will have more plants in the area, and we plan to have herbs as well as small fruit trees like calamansi and sili that we can use for cooking or perhaps fresh juice during the summer months.

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