Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tonkatsu Wako

When in Japan it seems inevitable that we would be eating katsu at some point during our stay. There are many restaurants serving good katsu in Tokyo and you don't really have to hunt the well-known restaurants. All you have to do is walk around, maybe to the nearest string or cluster of restaurants and cafes in your area. There you will find many restaurants to choose from including those serving ramen, udon, sushi, curry, etc. or if you would rather not eat Japanese food, Chinese food and Italian food. There are many Starbucks and fast food like McDonalds but there are also the smaller, neighborhood coffee shops offering light fare for those not interested in a heavy meal. Of course, there are also convenience stores like Family Mart, Mini Stop, 7-11, and Lawson where you can grab a quick meal or snack. These usually have microwave meals that you can have heated at the store and maybe take to you hotel room or office. There are also neighborhood or mobile obento (lunch box) stores that you'll find in areas where there are many offices or schools.

We found a couple of branches of Tonkatsu Wako near our hotel and didn't think twice about eating here. In the first place, we found many people eating there so it looked like a popular place and the prices of meals during lunch time were usually lower due to their lunch sets. I recall I paid 900 JPY for their lunch set of rosu katsu with unlimited rice, cabbage and miso soup. The tea was on the house and you can ask for a glass of water if you're not into tea. Of course, you can also order cola or juice if you prefer and they also have many other items on their menu including non-pork katsu.

Tonkatsu lunch set with unlimited refills for rice, miso shiru and cabbage
Succulent tonkatsu
Tonkatsu Wako provides good meals to those who are tentative about going into just any Japanese restaurant to eat. It offers familiar items that some people might refer to as comfort food in a sense. And the prices are just right for those who might be on a budget.

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