Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sushi at Asakusa

We just had internet connection at our new home and I thought one of the best ways to celebrate the new service is to write a short piece about dining at our favorite sushi restaurant in Japan. The wife and I were in Tokyo recently and made sure we visited Asakusa to eat at the sushi restaurant at one of the shopping streets near the temple. It was already 6 years since our last trip to Tokyo together and most of our trips from then were mostly stopovers between the US and the Philippines (Tokyo and Nagoya being hubs of Delta Airlines). In my recent trips to Tokyo, I decided to spend more time in Yokohama and Kamakura, the former was where I lived when I was a student and the latter a favorite haunt of mine during the weekends.

The sushi restaurant is still there and business looked good as the place was full. We were welcomed by the sushi chef behind the counter and the staff serving customers with their side orders. Noting we were foreigners, the staff handed us a menu with photos of different types of sushi indicating their names in romaji as well as their prices. We ordered our usual maguro (tuna) and shake (salmon) sushis and then ordered scallop, yellowfin and others. To cap our dinner, we ordered toro and then otoro. It was the wife's first taste of otoro (we ordered toro before) so I ordered a couple more plates to let her discover (delightfully) the difference among the tuna meat. We were laughing a bit as we commented on how good the otoro was, and the chef remarked that most foreigners didn't try the more expensive plates so he was happy we could enjoy the sushi.

Our favorite sushi restaurant in Asakusa as photographed last February 2014
A plate of otoro - melt in your mouth tuna
Our photo taken in February 2008.

We will definitely be back, what with visiting Japan becoming easier with their relaxed policy for tourists and my getting a multiple entry visa. However, the next time might just be Kyoto and Nara via Osaka. We are already looking forward to that trip.

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