Monday, January 12, 2015

Chocolate review: Toblerone Swiss dark chocolate

One of our all time favorites is Toblerone chocolate. I have very fond memories of eating Toblerones brought or sent by relatives who were abroad. This was in the 1980s when chocolates like this along with Hershey's, Cadbury, Kitkat and Snickers. These were not readily available on local supermarket shelves and were usually "imported" as pasalubong or souvenirs. Not everyone had access to the "PX goods" stores that sold these chocolates at premium prices and not everyone had relatives from abroad (balikbayan or OFW) whose arrivals are also associated with duty free shopping. Later, as these chocolates became available everywhere I think many had lost their appeal as people wanted to get the "not so easy to get" bars, especially with information now available on the internet.

Recently, I got reacquainted with Kit Kat due to the new variations that came out of Japan (e.g., orange, sakura, and macha or green tea). These were a welcome twist for the chocolate and have become very popular. Last December, I decided to get a couple of small Toblerone dark chocolate bars. We had missed the taste of Toblerone and wanted to have some for old times sake.

Toblerone's version of dark chocolate
Nutrition information and expiration date on one side of the distinctive triangular-shaped package.
The information states a minimum of 50% cocoa for this bar, which is higher than other regular dark chocolates in supermarkets.
Toblerone Swiss dark chocolate contains more cocoa than other regular dark chocolates in local supermarkets. However, it retained its very distinctive nougat from the original Toblerones. That makes us enjoy both the taste of slightly bitter chocolate with the delightful, classic nougat of Toblerone chocolates - definitely something good that makes us reminisce about childhood treats from abroad.
A few years ago, I found that Snickers, too, had a dark chocolate variant and had bought boxes of these from a supermarket at the former Clark Air Base. I have yet to find these again locally but will write about them in another post soon.


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