Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Decadent home-made brownies

The Clairvoyant baked some brownies over the Christmas and New Year holidays and came up with what we thought were the best brownies she's made so far. She didn't make it from scratch but I was the one who bought the brownie mix from the supermarket so I got to pick what I thought would probably produce the desired result. The mix was Maya's Decadent Brownie Mix and it had easy to follow instructions for whether you wanted your brownies fudgy or cake-like. We like our brownies to be on the fudgy side, siksik or thick, and not moist (e.g., devil's food cake) or fluffy (e.g., chiffon cake). For a real comparison, I prefer brownies the likes of what you can get from Mrs Fields over the typical neighbourhood bakeshop brownies that seem to be confused with chocolate cake with peanuts mixed in and on top.

The wife sprinkled (more like poured) a lot of pecan nuts and chocolate on top of the brownie after it came out of the oven. This turned out well even though there were already nuts mixed with the dough when it started baking.
Sections of the brownie on the Pyrex tray reveal what I mean by "just right" when it comes to my preference for this baked treat.
Pyrex is transparent, allowing for a view of the brownie a la "ant farm." 
A brownie square = 1 serving
The Clairvoyant promised to bake another batch soon. I took a mental note of that and would be getting a box or two of the same brownie mix. The wife says she will get some macadamia nuts to try it out with the brownies. We both like cashew nuts and these are easily available from roadside shops along our work routes so that should not be difficult to get. I already look forward to the next batch of brownies!

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