Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chef Mo's Ribhouse

Another restaurant located at the same building along Malingap Street in UP Village where you have Parilla, Ally's All Day Breakfast, Happy Thai and Angus Tapa Centrale is Chef Mo's Ribhouse. We decided to check it out as we had a craving for good meat (i.e., steak or ribs). We ended having our fill of really good ribs.

Chef Mo's menu featuring the specialty of the house - what else but ribs
The interior was actually a surprise to us
The place was elegantly furnished and definitely provided a good atmosphere for a good meal
Here are other items on their menu including side dishes and drinks
Decorative pieces on the wall include these plates, a clock and these lamps
Counter and walls evoked a log cabin that made you feel at home at the restaurant
The false window made the place look bigger than it was and they also had a nice chandelier
A turntable provided the music for diners. The resto had many records and playing at the time we had lunch were The Stylistics.
What do you eat at a ribhouse? Ribs, of course!
The verdict on the specialty of the house is that their hickory ribs were great! They were as good as advertised on their menu - delicately cooked and grilled to perfection. This was the equivalent of melt in your mouth for meat and you definitely didn't need a knife to cut the meat and separate them from the bones. You can compare this with Rack's and I thought that their preparation and cooking probably was the same as that of the established restaurant. We thought their food was priced just right (read: not expensive considering the quality of their ribs). Chef Mo's is highly recommended especially for your cravings for good, old fashioned and very tasty ribs. We will definitely come back to this restaurant.

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