Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lau Pa Sat

Singapore is famous for its hawker markets that also cater to the food cravings of Singaporeans and visitors/foreigners. These are where you can have good meals without hurting your wallets or pockets. There's a lot to choose from and among the hits are Chinese, Malay, Indian and of course, Singaporean food. Lau Pa Sat also has Italian, American, Japanese and even Filipino food so you have all the choices you can have so you can eat different every mealtime each day.

Lau Pa Sat was being renovated during the time we last went there before we came home in 2012. Since the food market was just across our hotel this time, we made sure to have at least a couple of meals here. We had meet-ups with friends and these were during mealtimes. It is nice to exchange stories while sharing meals with friends.

Sign at the corner of Robinson Road and Boon Tat Street

The building is a marvel to look at in the nighttime when the lights of Lau Pa Sat mix with those of the modern building surrounding it. This is a photo from across Cross Street when coming from the Raffles Place MRT Station
The section of Boon Tat Street across from Lau Pa Sat is closed to traffic at night to accommodate the crowds enjoying their outdoor meals consisting mainly of grilled food. Orders are facilitated by hawkers affiliated with the various barbecue stalls that set-up only during this time of day.
Inside the building, one is treated with many stalls offering various food and drinks. Impressive as well is the building itself with its well-preserved steel frame and high ceiling. The gigantic fans help keep the building well-ventilated.
Another view of the steel frames supporting the building. The people in orange shirts are staff who clear tables and clean up after customers. These 'aunties' and 'uncles' do a great job of making sure Lau Pa Sat is clean and tidy for all eating there.
Still another view of Lau Pa Sat's interior and stalls.
The contrast between old and new is very evident from this photo of Lau Pa Sat against the tall modern buildings of Singapore
The same street is open to traffic during the day


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