Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chocolate review: Lindor extra dark

It seemed fitting to start the month of March with another chocolate feature. And so our simple review today is on the Lindt Lindor Extra Dark. I picked up this box of three balls of chocolate at the supermarket as I looked for dark chocolate to satisfy a craving for chocolate to have for dessert.

Lindt Lindor Extra Dark box of three
The chocolates are described as extra dark with a smooth melting filling

Nutrition information and expiration date
Chocolates wrapped like candies out of the box
Lindt Lindor did not disappoint. The 60% cocoa shell was smooth tasting and the viscous filling was very enjoyable to the tongue. The bitterness and sweetness was the right mix and one is tempted to consume more of these chocolates if only there were more. Perhaps that's one of the reasons (and the main one?) why these came in boxes of three.

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