Thursday, March 31, 2016

Chocolate review: Chocolat Stella Noir 60% Dark, Baobab Fruit

I conclude the month of March with a chocolate review. I thought I already posted about this chocolate before but it turned out I didn't. I spotted this chocolate at the Duty Free store at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 and got a bar as part of my haul of dark chocolates I usually buy there to get a discount. Duty Free Philippines gives a 5% discount on purchases using their travel light promo. You claim your purchase upon your return from abroad.

Chocolate Stella Noir 60% Dark with Baobab Fruit is branded as organic and fair (referring to fair trade)
Details on the chocolate including nutrition information at the back. I didn't remove the price tag for reference.

This chocolate is among the best we've tasted so far. Its smooth and at the same time fruity. The bitterness is just right considering it claims to have 60% cacao at the minimum. The clincher here is the baobab fruit, which until we tasted this chocolate, we didn't know was edible and suitable to combine with chocolate. The taste is on the sour side but then orange, lemon and citrus goes well with chocolate so the mixture of sweet, bitter and sour went very well. My only regret about this chocolate is that I didn't purchase more bars. The 100g chocolate bar costs US$ 5.55 (~ 255.30 pesos) from the Duty Free Philippines store (US$ 5.27 with the travel light promo). That seems to be on the expensive side but I assure my reader that it is worth it.

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