Friday, November 11, 2016

Chocolate review: Venchi Dark Chocolate 56% Cacao

It's been a while since the last chocolate feature in this blog. There's just a lot more to write about and it could be easy to not have a write-up on chocolate during the month. Still, there is the temptation to write one and I have several chocolates that we've enjoyed that seems to warrant a post. I already featured part of my stash of Italian chocolates that I bought from a prominent wine shop in Alabang. We decided to open another one night we felt we wanted to have some comfort food after dinner. The Venchi dark chocolate did not fail us.

I like the images on the wrapper on this chocolate depicting women preparing cacao fruit
The back of the wrapper contains a lot of information about the chocolate and its maker
The chocolate is claimed to be gluten free with 56% minimum cacao
Nutrition information
The chocolate was smooth and had just the right bitterness for a 56% cacao content. We thought it could have been good to pair with some red wine but then we didn't want to open a bottle of good red wine that we could end up consuming over several days (we aren't really into drinking). This 100g bar retailed for 125 pesos so its good value for money for a really good dark chocolate bar. I would likely purchase one or more of these if I can find them in a shop somewhere.


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