Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tsokolate from tableya

With my social media news feeds full of people on vacation in their hometowns or in some resort, or of people camping out or visiting loved ones who passed away, I thought I would have a different take for All Saints Day. It rained last night and it was gloomy and cool this morning. It seemed to me like the perfect morning for hot chocolate and pandesal, which are popular morning fare in the Philippines. The hot chocolate though is not the instant one like the Swiss Miss dark chocolate that we have at home. Instead I decided to make hot chocolate from tableya or the cacao tablets that we had. There was a small box of it that was good for 3 to 4 mugs of good old hot chocolate like what we had during our childhood.

I boiled water and added the tableya. Once melted, I turned down the heat a few notches for a slow boil while I stirred to make sure all the cacao had been diluted. The result was a little viscous so I had to add more water (some of course evaporated as the chocolate was cooked).
We had enough chocolate for 3 and a half mugs. The half was served to our daughter who had a smaller mug. We added muscovado sugar and milk as the chocolate was on the bitter side. The wife and I were actually surprised that our daughter liked the concoction. We also had some oatmeal while we put some emmental cheese for our pandesal before I heated them. The cheese melt sandwiches were a hit on this gloomy morning.


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