Friday, November 25, 2016

Chocolate review: El Rey Chocolate Oscuro Mijao 61% Cacao

I didn't realize how much of a backlog I had for posts on chocolates until I checked my other computer for photos I downloaded from my phones. As it turns out, there have been a lot that we've enjoyed over the past months that I wasn't able to write about. 

A colleague of the wife gifted us with a box of chocolate bars from Venezuela. El Rey chocolates are supposed to be very good and we had tasted the small blocks that we found to be really quite good. The chocolates are from Venezuela where they grow very high quality cacao; these having originated in that region and taken to Europe where it eventually spread thanks to the Europeans colonizing much of the world. This time around, the wife's Venezuelan friend gave us quite a treat and I will be featuring these chocolates in a few posts.

We had tasted Mijao before and enjoyed a block of this 61% cacao.
Details about the chocolate may be found at the back of the wrapper.
Ingredients and nutrition information are in Spanish but one can discern what they basically mean including storage conditions for the chocolate to retain its characteristics and quality. That is, the chocolate should ideally be kept at temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees C and at 60% humidity.
There is also information here about how the cacao is produced and probably where in Venezuela it is grown.
Mijao's definitely a top quality dark chocolate and the 61% cacao had just the right bitterness to it while being somewhat sweet. The chocolate is smooth and can be eaten as a standalone; not requiring some wine to wash it down or for mixing tastes with. Since this was part of a box given to us as a gift, I am not aware and didn't check for the prices but I thought it was well worth its price for 80g of this chocolate. Grab one if you can find one at a shop but then I don't think these are available in Metro Manila. So perhaps we'll just look for it during one of our future travels abroad.

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