Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chocolate review: Chocolates El Rey

Last year, the Clairvoyant received a pack of chocolates as pasalubong from a colleague from Venezuela. Chocolates El Rey reminded me of the Scharffen Berger chocolates we bought whenever we were in San Francisco, CA. Reading the labels on each chocolate, I decided to hit the internet to check out the translations. And so I learned some terms that aptly described each square of chocolate. "Chocolates El Rey" translates into "king of chocolates" or "chocolate king." "Chocolate blanco" is white chocolate. "Chocolate con leche" is milk chocolate. And "chocolate oscuro" is dark chocolate.

The chocolates are in a plastic package that reminded us of Toblerone. There are 12 tablets in the package.
Icoa on the left is white chocolate while Caoba on the right is milk chocolate with 41% cacao
Bucare on the left is dark chocolate with 58.5% cacao while on the right is Mijao, which is dark chocolate
Gran saman is dark chocolate with 70% cacao and Apamate is dark chocolate with 73.5% cacao.
Information on the maker of the chocolates that originated from Venezuela
Additional info on the other end of the package showing the weight of each tablet/square.
The chocolates were smooth and made you crave for more. I think it was best to package it in tablets because it would have been hard to stop eating the chocolates once you started. We really liked it that we were able to distinguish the dark chocolates according to the cacao content so it was an enjoyable experience for these chocolates. The "chocolate king" tag is well deserved.

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