Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chocolate review: Royce' Pure Chocolate

Celebrating the Clairvoyant's birthday last January, we decided to get us some chocolate to enjoy over the weekend. Conveniently, there was a Royce' chocolate stand nearby from where we had our lunch and it was some time since we had Royce' so we got a box to tide us over the weekend (Note: We finished the box about a month after.).

The box of Royce' Pure Chocolate consists of two types of chocolates: Venezuela Bitter and Ghana Sweet. Both are dark chocolates but with the first having a more pronounced bitter taste than the second.

The packaging indicates the kinds of chocolates within the box
The back has information on ingredients and maker
Removing the wrapper shows a white box with the same info in the front...
...and the back.
The goodies inside the box are individually wrapped.
As expected Royce' chocolates did not disappoint and each serving was delightfully smooth dark chocolate that's perfect foil for savory lunches and dinners. 

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