Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sushi Horikawa

Back in Tokyo after only a few months, I was trying to compile photos before posting them on different articles. However, after our reception today after completing the final symposium for our study on ASEAN, I just had to post some photos I took of the sushi section. Featured is a really experienced sushi chef who was preparing the sushi as participants quickly queued. The Japanese among us seemed excited in their own way and I understood that there was something special about the guy behind the counter who even had this old lady to assist him in preparing the trays and shoyu for the sushi. It turned out that this was Sushi Horikawa, a very good sushi restaurant here in Tokyo. It's probably one of the best if not the best sushi I've tasted and made me crave for more of this and at this high level of quality. I already look forward to eating at a sushi restaurant we found in Asakusa six years ago, the last time the Clairvoyant and I were in Tokyo together.

Preparation of sushi from the raw sea food and Japanese rice (note the assistant on the left)
The chef taking a slice of fish before fusing it with rice and wasabi
The chef molds the fish and the rice in a manner that's artful in technique while the assistant pour shoyu on the sushi tray
Each sushi is a handmade work of art


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