Monday, February 10, 2014

Snacks: Pocky chocolate Midi

I like eating pretzels. But for this post I will not talk about the "Auntie Anne" type of pretzels but instead feature snacks that I usually get whenever I'm in Japan. Glico produces a line of pretzel snacks under the Pocky brand. Pocky chocolate Midi by Glico is part of their dessert line-up and features a shorter but thicker stick. The chocolate is also more generous compared to its regular Pocky sticks (the regular ones in the red box and the bitter variety in the green boxed Men's Pocky).

Pocky chocolate Midi boxes contained 12 sticks.
A description of each chocolate covered pretzel stick is stated at the back of the box.
There are 3 packs of 4 sticks each inside the box so one doesn't have to feel obliged to consume all 12 sticks in one sitting.


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