Friday, February 7, 2014

Wild Flour Croughnuts

I couldn't write about Wild Flour and not mention what a lot of people came there for. While the items on their menu are really good. There's one item that people specifically desired and not just one at a time but a lot - croughnuts. There was a craze for a combination croissant and doughnut that Wild Flour became well known for. It's probably because their version was and is perceived as the best. They did start the craze which influenced others to follow suit and offer their own versions of the croughnut. In fact, their croughnuts were so popular that the supply at their BGC branch is depleted even before lunch time. And they had to impose a quota so people won't just buy a lot and leave others unable to get even one croughnut.

One cannot say he or she has tasted a croughnut until he or she has eaten The Croughnut from Wild Flour. And I can say this as I tasted the croughnuts of the competition before I had tasted Wild Flour's. It is the real deal and something that you would probably go back and line up for. The difference, I think, lies in the dough. It's not the consistency of a croissant nor a donut. It's not flaky (like your typical croissant) or soft (like your regular donuts). And the fillings and toppings are excellently fused into the pastry so each bite is a guaranteed treat.

Dulce de leche
I've been informed that nowadays there are no more limits to the number of croughnuts you can order or purchase at a time from Wild Flour. Perhaps the demand has waned? I'm sure that there's still a high demand for these but knowing they only make a few, it seems the supply is limited so towards the end of the day, there are only a few, if any, available for sale. I would like to think that people would likely have settled for the other croughnuts as they are more accessible (there are only a few Wild Flour branches) and less expensive than the goodies from Wild Flour. Still, when there's craving for the best it helps to know that its still available and now there are no lines or quotas for the croughnuts. Maybe the limitation now is with you. That is, what your blood sugar or blood pressure will allow you to consume!

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