Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hapag Heritage Cuisine, Maginhawa Street

There's a newly opened restaurant along Maginhawa Street in UP Village just past the intersection with Malingap Street at a similarly new building. We spotted Hapag Heritage Cuisine one time we were eating at a smokehouse restaurant across from it. Our curiosity eventually led us to try out Hapag one time we had another lunch out.

A view of Maginhawa from inside the restaurant
The interior is clean, well-lighted, and therefore is very conducive to having a good meal
I was appreciating the many artwork on display at the floating shelves. One of the owners of the restaurant noticed this and kindly explained to us that the art was by special children at an orphanage the owners were helping.We thought that this was a good cause they were supporting.
The menu is cleverly part of the interior design
Typical table setting
Their suam na mais was so delightful for starters. The soup was thick without being too filling for the stomach. And the tomato blended well with the corn, which we thought was cooked just right.
Manok ng Hapag is their specialty chicken on the menu. This is real good fried chicken and tastes great because of the chicken apparently being marinated before being fried. We only ordered half a chicken but could have easily finished a whole chicken as it was that flavorful.
Their take on the classic Bistek Tagalog was, for us, perfect. It had the sourness (asim) that we thought was the signature of home-cooked bistek (beef steak, Philippine style).
We have only eaten at Hapag once and that was about a month ago when they were still on soft opening. Perhaps it is no longer on soft opening mode now. Nevertheless, we thought the food was really good and the service was, too. Cost-wise, we thought they weren't too expensive for the occasional lunch or dinner like our lunches out during the weekdays. We'll definitely be back sooner than later.

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