Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chi Spa, Shangri-La EDSA Plaza

One of our guilty pleasures is getting a massage. We find massages soothing, relaxing, detoxifying - if done the right way. I've experienced massages where the therapist seems to be going through the motions and you can tell that by in many ways including the way they transition from one part of your body to the other. In certain cases, the therapist can't seem to estimate the right amount of pressure she's supposed to apply so that it won't be painful during and after the massage. Among those we've gone to are Nurture Spa in Tagaytay and Sofitel's Le Spa. These two have good menus of massages and we think their staff are well-trained. Last December, I finally was able to go to EDSA Shangri-la's Chi Spa, which is supposedly one of the best spas in the country.

Impressive lobby
Lounge area where clients wait for their turn of service
Another section of the lobby displaying spa products for sale
I just had to take a photo of this exquisite chandelier hanging in the middle of the lobby
We were served tea while we waited to be called
Inside the changing room - the showers, toilet and steam sauna are in this area
Massage tables in one of their suites
The view from the seating section just across from the massage area
Seat where you can wash
Entrance to Chi Spa from the hotel building
Chi Spa didn't disappoint and their service made you feel really cared for. I thought the massage was one of the best if not the best I've had for some time now. It was very relaxing and definitely a pleasant experience. I already look forward to trying out Chi Spa at Shangri-la's Mactan resort.

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