Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hanako, Maginhawa Street

We discovered a new Japanese restaurant located at a newly built building along Maginhawa Street near the corner with Magiting Street. We sort of found it when we were forced to slow down for a vehicle making a U-turn along Maginhawa and in front of the building. We got to peek inside the building and saw what we thought (correctly) as a newly opened restaurant.

Hanako's menu states that it basically offers a wide range of Japanese food
Table for two
The ground floor's interior contains a lot of mirrors to give an illusion of space. There is a mezzanine level, which we guess has more space compared to the ground level.
Wall climbing? On one side of the restaurant is what appears to be a wall for training.
Salmon sashimi - this was good and priced more affordably than another Japanese resto in Maginhawa. Hanako is not as pricey and offered many items in their menu for those wanting to satisfy their cravings for Japanese food.
Chicken teriyaki don was also good according to my friend
The kani salad was also okay. We thought the ingredients were fresh and the serving size just right for sharing considering we ordered other items.
The chicken katsu curry looked and smelled good. However, the breading was too thick and the rice was too much for a serving. The thick breading meant you'll taste more bread than chicken and you'd be full way before you're even halfway through your meal. I did mention this to the staff as this is a common flaw among many Japanese-themed restaurants serving this dish.
We'll also probably be back at this restaurant some time but maybe when there is already additional parking available at the building. There are other restaurants there including a branch of the popular Bo's Coffee. There is also a branch of a major fitness center chain in the building so it attracts a lot of people and many have cars. There is a driveway leading to a basement level so perhaps they'll have enough parking there.

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