Saturday, February 4, 2017

Comfort food: Homemade Prosciutto a Tartufo pasta

I continue February with another comfort food feature. Among what we consider as comfort food is prosciutto a tartufo pasta. We like to order this at Italian restaurants in rotation with our other favorites pesto and aglio olio pasta. I like the versions by Italiannis and Amici but I am sure there other equally if not better versions in other Italian-themed restaurants here. The Clairvoyant got the recipe on the internet and has been trying not really to replicate the versions we've tasted but come up with our home version of the dish. Here are photos of what we enjoyed one day during the Christmas break last year. This version is cream-based instead of olive oil-based.

A tray of prosciutto a tartufo using the remaining spiral and penne pasta we had at home
A close up of the dish showing the creamy pasta and the prosciutto
The wife usually gets some prosciutto from Santi's, Rustan's or other delis that we thought had good quality meat products. These are also where we get our salamis and sausages that we also use for pastas or, in the case of sausages, for sandwiches and for grilling.

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