Friday, February 24, 2017

Tahanan Bistro, Antipolo City - Part 1

I keep procrastinating posting about Tahanan Bistro. We have been wanting to try out this restaurant located in our home city. It is not your typical restaurant in that it is actually the home of wood furniture maker and artist Benji Reyes. Tahanan is located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo City, Rizal. Click on the link I provided to get more detailed info including their address and contact numbers.

As we were the only ones who were there for lunch, we had the full attention of the staff. We had a quick tour of the areas open to the public including the personal collections of the owners, who we were told were abroad at the time. The food was really good and I will just let the photos sort of speak for themselves rather than me describing each and maybe make some mistakes about my choice of words for what was for us a really good gastronomic experience.

At the time, they only had 3 sets on the menu and since there were three of us, we decided to order one of each so we can also share and sample everything. They now have a new menu, which the Clairvoyant and her friends tried out last weekend. She says they were not disappointed and the bistro is now among the top recommendations we have for friends coming to Antipolo and wanting a place where they can have really good food. A couple of important notes though: First, it is fine dining and so it is quite pricey (read: definitely not mid-range). Last, if your idea of good food is more on the quantitative side (read: buffet) then this is also not for you. I think this last note is clear from their social media page and from the photos I shared here.

More photos of Tahanan in Part 2 coming soon.


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