Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chocolate review: Droste Chocolate Pastilles Dark

It's been a while since I have tasted their chocolates. I discovered Droste chocolates while traveling between Singapore and Manila. I was looking for dark chocolates at our favorite Cocoa Tree shop at Changi Airport and found these chocolates at the counter as I paid for the bars I had selected. At first sight, they seem to be more for snacking in its packaging (pastilles in a box) and so I bought a few. It was so good that we bought more as we shuttled between Manila and Singapore. I checked my chocolate reviews in this blog and it turned out that I haven't written about this chocolate yet.

I found Droste chocolates at the new Cocoa Tree branch at the NAIA Terminal 3. The packaging is simpler. Instead of a box it is now in foil. The chocolates are still very good and as we remembered.

Droste chocolates are a product of the Netherlands
Details on the chocolate are found at the back of the simple packaging
The chocolates
I failed to note the price for this pack of chocolates but you can get these at the Cocoa Tree at the NAIA Terminal 3. There is a branch at the terminal mall and another inside the domestic wing just after you clear security checks. I don't know if they also have a shop inside the international wing of the terminal.

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