Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kuya J's, Fairview Terraces

We usually go to the Fairview Terraces mall after hearing Sunday Mass with my in-laws. We go there for our regular Sunday lunches with the lolo and lola, which our daughter looks forward to once the weekend approaches. Our usual lunches are a rotation among three restaurants - Chili's, Max's and Wee Nam Kee. Since we got to try Kuya J's one time we were at a newly reopened mall in Pasig, we wanted to try it our again considering what we saw in their menu that we were sure would be 'hits' with my in-laws.

Their take on lumpiang sariwa
Grilled scallops - Our daughter loved these
Salad with tuna, mango and greens
Barbecue chicken - their specialty did not disappoint
Kuya J's is a family friendly restaurant and we definitely enjoyed our lunch there. The staff are attentive and helpful. More importantly, we thought their food had really good quality as the taste suited what a lot of people would refer to as lutong bahay (home-cooked food). The prices are also "wallet-friendly" and I think they got the surefire combination of good food with the right prices. The owner, actor Jericho Rosales, seems to know what people like when they eat out. We will definitely be back for more meals in the future.

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