Saturday, March 11, 2017

Chocolate review: Casino Noir Ecorces D'Orange Confites

Towards the end of December last year, we decided to stay at a hotel as our house was being treated against termites. We didn't have termites but as a precautionary measure, we had to do some pest control. Among our discoveries around the hotel was a branch of Bacchus where I got a few Italian-made chocolates. And I did remember getting some very good chocolate bars at their branch in Alabang before so I made sure I would get a few bars here, too.

Casino Noir Ecorces D'Orange Confites is dark chocolate with orange peelings
Detail including ingredients at the back
Because the original information was in French, the local distributors placed this sticker of nutrition info in English
The chocolate claimed to contain a minimum of 52% cacao
Here's the close-up of the sticker containing nutrition info and ingredients

This chocolate retails for 125 PHP (about 2.52 USD) fora 200g bar. That's good value for money for a good chocolate.

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