Friday, March 24, 2017

Pablo - cheese tart

I finally got to taste the much hyped cheese tart by Pablo. Pablo is a Japanese franchise that's only recently established a foothold in Metro Manila. Upon the opening of its stores, there were long queues of people curious about this specialty. I thought that the lines also reflected the word of mouth going around for people who had tasted the tarts abroad and specifically in Japan. And what seems to be an expensive delight (To be fair, I haven't checked the prices but people have told me the tarts were quite pricey.)

The big cheese tart
Here's a close-up of the tart showing the texture that to me is creamy yet firm enough that its really enjoyable 

I would say that Pablo's cheese tart was definitely good. I, however, am not exactly big on tarts although I enjoy the buko tarts of Rowena's in Tagaytay. The taste and texture for me were very familiar as I've enjoyed somethings like this when I was residing in Japan. The taste reminded me of the Japanese-style cheese cakes we enjoyed over coffee or tea. I even recall the nice neighborhood kind of coffee shops near the Tokyu Jiyugaoka Station where we had some really good cheese cakes that tasted like Pablo's tarts. I thought that Pablo's tarts were very good but I am not sure the steep price (~PHP 500 for the one pictured above) is value for money. 

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