Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chocolate review: Funky Monkey by The Bakeshop, EDSA Shangri-La

Last December, we picked up some chocolate bars at the EDSA Shangri La hotel. We stayed there for a couple of nights as we had some pest control work on our home. The hotel made some really good chocolates that we had enjoyed in the past and we wanted to try out some of what they had. One of the bars is curiously named "Funky Monkey Marshmallow & Crispies".

Funky Monkey Marshmallow & Crispies Homemade Milk Chocolate Bar
Some details about EDSA Shangri La's in-house chocolate

Though we don't usually buy milk chocolates, we made an exception for this one because of the marshmallow and crispies. This was the chunky kind that you will enjoy because of the ingredients. The bar did not disappoint but of course, we found it too sweet for our taste buds. Still, I would recommend this chocolate for whoever loves milk chocolate and especially those loaded with ingredients that make you chew. I seem recall that the bar cost 250 or 300 Pesos and the price is fair for a very good chocolate in a 180g bar.

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