Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chocolate review: Villars Noir 72%

I picked up a bar of Villars Noir 72% dark chocolate while browsing the shelves in the chocolates section of a supermarket some months ago. I don't exactly remember if we had tasted this chocolate before (it's likely we had, given our penchant for checking out what's available at the supermarkets where we usually do our groceries). I do remember it was on sale as the chocolate was about to expire in a month's time so I picked a couple of bars that we can easily consume before the expiration date. It turned out to be good dark chocolate. Just bitter enough considering it was 72% and should not be at the same sweetness as, say, Meiji Black. We didn't notice anything funny in the taste that indicated the chocolate was nearing its expiration date. Other chocolates' labels state a "Best Before" rather than "Expiration" so there's still some significant shelf life to these products.

Villars Noir 72% dark chocolate
More detailed information on the chocolate including the expiration date


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