Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple pleasures in Bangkok

My recent trip to Bangkok afforded me some opportunities to take some photos of street vendors and the various foods they sell. Many of these like barbecues and fruits are quite similar to the street food being sold here in the Philippines. However, I noticed some stalls selling full meals as well as popular Thai food like Tom Yum and their version of spring rolls. The street food are very popular among the Thai and many tourists may be found also enjoying the food. It is said that one cannot claim to have been to Bangkok and not sampled and enjoyed their street food.

Various barbecues sold by vendors along Silom near the National Stadium Station of the BTS Skytrain. Street food is very popular in Thailand and is quite safe. Many are pretty much similar to street food being sold in other countries in Southeast Asia. There are also fruits and drinks for sale at these stalls or stands and you can have a full meal out of the variety being sold here.
Mangoes and sticky rice are among my favorites and is popular throughout Southeast Asia. I enjoyed versions of this combination when we lived in Singapore and when once we traveled to Malaysia. Of course, suman (sticky rice) and mangga (mango) are a favorite merienda (snack) or panghimagas (dessert) in the Philippines. In fact, in the city where I live, celebrated every summer is the Sumaka Festival. Sumaka stands for suman, mangga, and kasoy (cashew), for which the city is well known for, and which visitors often get as pasalubong (souvenir or present from a trip) when they go home.


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